Festival Jazz à la Villette

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Edité par Cité de la musique - 2004

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Italian jazz masters : Stefano di Battista Quartet | Stefano Di Battista

Italian jazz masters : Stefano di Battista Qu...

Musique en ligne | Stefano Di Battista | 2007

Milestones - Un Incontro In Jazz | Gino Paoli

Milestones - Un Incontro In Jazz

Musique en ligne | Gino Paoli | MusicMe | 2007

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All Our Reasons | Billy Hart

All Our Reasons

Musique en ligne | Billy Hart | MusicMe | 2012

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Big Band Bossa Nova / Stan Getz, Gary McFarland Orchestra | Getz, Stan (1927-1991). Saxo.ténor

Big Band Bossa Nova / Stan Getz, Gary McFarla...

Musique audio | Getz, Stan (1927-1991). Saxo.ténor | 1962

Manha de carnaval. Balanco no samba. Melancolico. Entre amigos. Chega de saudade. Noite triste'. Samba de uma nota so. Bim bom.

Single Woman / Nina Simone | Simone, Nina (1933-2003). Interprète. Chant

Single Woman / Nina Simone

Musique audio | Simone, Nina (1933-2003). Interprète. Chant | 2008

A single woman. Lonesome cities. If I should lose you. The folks who live on the hill. Love's been good to me. Papa, can you hear me ?. Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux. Just say I love him. The more I see you. Marry me. The long and ...

Dreamsville / Stacey Kent | Kent, Stacey (1968-....). Interprète. Voc.

Dreamsville / Stacey Kent

Musique audio | Kent, Stacey (1968-....). Interprète. Voc. | 2000

I've got a crush on you. When your lover has gone. Isn't it a pity. You are there. Under a blanket of blue. Dreamsville. Polka dots & moonbeams. Little girl blue. You're looking at me. Violets for your furs. Thank s for the memory...

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